I’m Manolo Remiddi, an innovator at heart and a pioneer in the fusion of art and technology. My driving force is a deep-seated curiosity and an insatiable thirst for learning, paired with a constant desire to make the world a better place. I am convinced that the blend of human creativity and technology will be pivotal in turning this aspiration into reality.

My expertise lies in harmonising artistic creativity with technology. This unique approach enables me to harness the potential of AI and blockchain technology and use it to innovate in creativity, business, strategy and learning.

At the forefront of AI integration, my AI-Infused Services stand out for their versatility and ability to tailor to diverse needs. My approach is not just about adopting AI technology; it’s about pioneering its application to foster innovation and growth in multiple sectors.

I’m a creative individual deeply immersed in various art forms, from music and photography to video, art and design. With over 27 years as a mixing and mastering engineer, I’ve seamlessly blended traditional audio craftsmanship with cutting-edge AI innovations, offering a unique sound experience.

My 15 years as a professional photographer in London have allowed me to chronicle the splendour and diversity of gender expression within the city’s alternative scene. Through my lens, I’ve captured the intricate facets of femininity across various walks of life.

I’m deeply passionate about sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, and I channel this commitment into amplifying the voices of minorities through my work. This dedication is reflected in my attainment of Master’s degrees in both Creative Business Development and Cultural Learning from the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

While I’ve co-founded Anthill, a blockchain-enabled platform for creatives, my current emphasis lies in a rigorous experimental focus on the symbiosis of art and artificial intelligence. Integrated as a specialised section within this website, my blog “Ai Odyssey” serves as both a scholarly and hands-on experimental platform.

It delves deeply into the complex challenges and emerging developments in AI. Driven by a curiosity to learn, discover, and revel in the possibilities of extra-human collaboration and interaction, this experiment has no predetermined outcomes but promises a journey worth embarking upon.

As a creative and innovator, my mission is to intertwine my diverse passions with the marvels of AI, championing inclusivity, collaboration, and ethical AI adoption.

For inquiries, please reach out to me here. Use this form or connect with me on my Socials.

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