I’m Manolo Remiddi, a creative individual deeply immersed in various art forms, from music and photography to video, art, design, and tech. With over 27 years as a mixing and mastering engineer, I’ve seamlessly blended traditional audio craftsmanship with cutting-edge AI innovations, offering a unique sound experience.

My 15 years as a professional photographer in London have allowed me to chronicle the splendour and diversity of gender expression within the city’s alternative scene. Through my lens, I’ve captured the intricate facets of femininity across various walks of life.

I’m deeply passionate about sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, and I channel this commitment into empowering minorities through my work. This dedication is echoed in my Professional Development Award in Creative Business Development and Cultural Learning from SCQF.

While I’ve co-founded Anthill, a platform for creatives powered by blockchain, my current focus is on the captivating fusion of art and AI. My blog, AI Odyssey, delves into the challenges and developments in AI, envisioning a future where technology and creativity merge to foster ethical practices and empower communities.

As a creative and innovator, my mission is to intertwine my diverse passions with the marvels of AI, championing inclusivity, collaboration, and ethical AI adoption.

For inquiries, please reach out to me here. Use this form or connect with me on my Socials.