Online Mixing and Mastering Service

In a secluded mountain, our studio stands as a beacon of the harmonious blend of human expertise and technological advancement. With my extensive experience, I personally ensure each track receives the meticulous attention it deserves. This seasoned touch, state-of-the-art equipment combined with AI’s precision, delivers a service that’s both deeply personal and at the forefront of innovation.

Our standout feature?

The AI-Personalised Sound Profiles. Delving into your musical preferences, we tailor each mix and master to echo your unique style, ensuring a sound that’s unmistakably yours.

After the production process, our Tailored AI Feedback offer insights, guiding you to refine your craft with every track.

Our unwavering commitment to the environment is evident in our Eco-friendly Mixing and Mastering. We offset all carbon emissions from our operations. By choosing us, you’re not just elevating your sound; you’re actively supporting a greener planet.

For the forward-thinkers, our Cryptocurrency Discounts offer both a nod to the future of finance and a cost-effective solution. Contact us to pay in crypto.

Ready to craft soundscapes with a conscience? Let’s create music that resonates with both listeners and the environment.

You can purchase my Premium Mixing and Mastering Service here.

Explore our guide on Preparing Your Music for a Seamless Mixing & Mastering Experience.


Peter GabrielMixing and MasteringSingle / Remix
The NoisettesRecording, Mixing and Mastering, ProductionEP / Singles
Porcelain RaftMixing and MasteringEp/Singles/Album
Mark KingMixing and MasteringSingle
Barbara TuckerRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingles
Jocelyn BrownRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingles
Taka BoomRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingles
Jill ScottMixing and MasteringSingles
Maxi PriestMixing and MasteringSingles
Robbie CraigRecording, Mixing, Co-ProductionSingles / Album
Romina JohnsonRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingles/ Album
Sunny Day Sets FireRecording, Mixing and Mastering, Co-ProductionSingles / Album
HardageRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingles / Album
Z-StarRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingles / Album
Gary GoRecording, Mixing and Mastering, Co-ProductionEP / Singles
Michael FrantiRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingle
Camera SonoraRecording and MixingEP
GaudiRecording, Mixing and MasteringSingles/Soundtrack
Kym MazelleRecordingSingle
Delta GoodremMixing and MasteringRemix
Brian AllenMixing and MasteringRemixes
Bacci Bros ProductionRecording, Mixing and Mastering, Co-ProductionSingles / Remixes
The Prairie CartelMixing and MasteringSingles
Pull Tiger TailMixing and MasteringEP / Single
Dead DiscoRecording, Mixing and Mastering, Co-ProductionSingle / Remix
Shit DiscoMixingSingles
Mark MondesirRecordingSessions for Album
Linley MartheRecordingSessions for Album
Dino LanniMixing and MasteringSingles
Jenny AlienMasteringSingles / Album