Dear Esteemed Client,

Embarking on the journey to perfect sound requires a bit of groundwork to ensure the mixing and mastering process flows smoothly. As your sonic ally, I am keen to make this phase as seamless as possible. Here’s a simple guide to preparing your music for mixing:

  1. File Naming:
    • Name your files in a way that’s easily recognisable. Ideally, each filename should reflect the instrument it pertains to.
  2. Exporting Audio Tracks:
    • Ensure all audio tracks start from the exact same point. This will help in importing them into my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and have them sync automatically.
  3. Dry Export:
    • Export your tracks ‘dry’, sans any effects, unless the effect is a vital part of the sound.
  4. Wet and Dry Export:
    • If unsure, send both, the ‘wet’ (with effects) and ‘dry’ versions. The wet version will serve as a reference.
  5. Level and Clipping:
    • Export each track at a high level without clipping to retain the dynamics and quality of the sound.
  6. Recording and Exporting Specs:
    • Aim for a recording and exporting quality of 96KHz at 24-bit or higher to ensure optimum sound fidelity. Use the .wav file format.
  7. Rough Mix and Reference Track:
    • Include your rough mix and at least one reference track. Explain why these tracks are chosen as references and jot down some notes on what you seek from the mixing and mastering.
  8. File Transfer:
  9. Payment:
    • Kindly make the payment in advance to kickstart the magic.
    • We also welcome bank transfers in your local currency, along with cryptocurrency payments. (please reach out for these options)
  10. Reviews:
    • You are entitled to two rounds of reviews on the mixed and mastered track. Post this, any new review will incur a charge of £40 per review.

This simple preparation will pave the way for an engaging collaborative effort towards achieving that impeccable sound. Remember, a well-prepared project is a step closer to a flawless mix and master. Your music, our journey, let’s make it resonate exquisitely.

Warm Sonic wishes,