Terms and Conditions

Last updated: March 7th, 2024


These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) outline the agreement between you, Manolo Remiddi (“I,” “me,” or “my”) and users of AI Services and Solutions, Strategy and Business Consultancy, Content Creation and Mixing and Mastering Service provided via my website or through direct consultations (“Services”). Please review these Terms carefully before engaging with my Services.

Understanding Your Agreement

By using my Services, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part, you shouldn’t proceed with using the Services.

Scope of Services

I offer the following types of services:

  • AI Consultancy: Guidance on AI strategy (e.g., identifying use cases, selecting technologies), implementation (e.g., data preparation, model deployment), and best practices.
  • AI Solution Development:
    • AI Chatbot development services including custom prompts, model training, and integration.
    • Development of other AI-powered solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Business and Strategy Consultancy: Help align your business goals with technology solutions.
  • Content Creation: Generate various content formats (e.g., articles, marketing copy, scripts, images, video, etc).
  • Mixing and Mastering Service: Enhance the audio quality of your productions.
  • Blockchain Consultancy and Token Economy Design: Expertise in blockchain technology and its potential applications.

Project Engagements

  • Proposals/Statements of Work: For larger projects, I’ll provide a detailed proposal or statement of work outlining deliverables, timelines, and fees.
  • Client Responsibilities: You may be responsible for providing data, access to systems, or other cooperation necessary to complete the project.
  • Change Requests: Significant changes to project scope may require revising the proposal and associated fees.

Intellectual Property

  • Pre-existing IP: Any intellectual property (IP) I bring to the project (algorithms, tools, etc.) remains my property.
  • Project-Specific IP: IP developed specifically for a project will generally belong to you, the client. However, I may retain the right to use general techniques, concepts, or non-client-specific code for future projects.
  • Open Source Components: If the project includes open-source software, it will be subject to the relevant open-source licenses.

Fees and Payment

  • Billing Models: I offer flexible billing options for my services:
    • Hourly: For smaller tasks or ongoing consultations.
    • Project-Based: A fixed fee for a defined project scope.
    • Subscription: For AI Chatbot services (details below).
    • Retainer: For ongoing support with a set number of hours per month.
  • AI Chatbot Subscriptions:
    • Tiered Plans: Offer different subscription levels based on features, usage limits, and support levels (e.g., Basic, Plus, Premium).
    • Pricing: Clearly state the monthly/annual cost for each subscription tier.
  • Payment Terms:
    • Invoices for hourly, project-based, or retainer fees are due upon receipt unless otherwise specified.
    • Subscriptions are billed monthly in advance.
    • You’ll be responsible for any late payment fees or interest.
  • Expenses: Reasonable project-related expenses may be billed separately as agreed upon.

AI Chatbot Subscriptions

  • Basic: Includes core chatbot functionality, up to [X] interactions per month, and email support.
  • Plus: Expands on Basic with advanced customization, increased interaction limits, and priority support.
  • Premium: Unlimited interactions, custom model training, dedicated support, and additional features.


  • Mutual Obligation: Both parties agree to keep confidential information (business plans, trade secrets, etc.) private, except as required by law or with express consent.

Warranties and Disclaimers

  • Professional Standards: I’ll provide Services with reasonable skill and care, in line with industry standards.
  • No Guarantee of Results: AI outcomes can be unpredictable. I cannot guarantee specific results or business success from the Services.
  • “As Is” Basis: To the extent legally permissible, Services are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind.

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent allowed by law, my total liability arising from the Services will not exceed the fees you’ve paid for the specific project or service in question. I won’t be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages.


Either party may terminate a project or our agreement with reasonable written notice. You’ll be responsible for payment of work completed up to the termination date.

Governing Law

These Terms, and any disputes arising from them, shall be governed by the laws of UK Jurisdiction, without regard to conflicts of law principles.

Dispute Resolution

We encourage good faith attempts to resolve disputes amicably through direct communication. Should that fail, we look into mediation or arbitration options before resorting to courts.

Changes to These Terms

I may update these Terms, and the “Last Updated” date will indicate the most recent version. Your continued use of the Services after changes signifies your acceptance.


For questions or concerns regarding these Terms, please contact me here.