AI Odyssey Transition to

I am pleased to inform you that AI Odyssey has transitioned to my personal website. This decision stems from my aspiration to unify my explorations and insights into art, technology, and AI under one canopy, providing a seamless experience for readers. All previous posts from AI Odyssey are now available at, ensuring a single platform for both past reflections and future discoveries.


Once sparked by a flicker of curiosity, AI Odyssey embarked on an exploration and experimentation voyage. Over six months, it transitioned from a sideline exploration to a daily routine, becoming a companion in the creative journey. The melding of artificial intelligence with everyday tasks transcended a project status, morphing into a method deeply entwined in the fabric of creativity. This journey, initiated on the domain, now sets here. This shift isn’t merely a change in digital coordinates, but a reflection of the profound entwinement of AI in the daily creative and professional narrative.