My 2023 Journey and 2024 Outlook

2023 was a great year for AI and for me. I fully embraced AI this year, experimenting with and integrating it into almost everything I’ve done. I say ‘almost’ because there might be some things I did without AI, but they don’t spring to mind.

What else happened in my 2023?
I redesigned my website and co-wrote AiOdessy blog with ChatGPT. Additionally, I expanded my services to include AI consultancy.
I trained an AI bot capable of generating formative experiences, a system I developed with AI’s assistance. This system will be tested in the Netherlands for the CLOCK 4 Kids programme.
I created my first virtual gallery using Unreal Engine, where I exhibited my AI-generated photographs.
I’m consulting for a startup that’s revolutionising international job mobility, developing AI solutions for their app, which is set to launch later this year.
As usual, I conducted several photoshoots and mastered numerous records, including EPs and singles.
For CLOCK, I worked as Sector Expert and Peer Reviewer for several international bootcamps, helping professionals and emerging creatives to recognise and value their hidden skills.


I’m uncertain about what 2024 holds, but I plan to continue my 2023 projects, devoting more time to Web3 projects.
With the cryptocurrency market entering another bull run, I’ll focus more on this, anticipating a supercycle that could see significant growth. This cycles occur every four years, and I expect my consultancy work to surge given my decade of experience in this industry.

My prediction for 2024 is that some cryptocurrencies could increase by 5x, 10x, or even 20x. If you haven’t started investing in crypto, it’s wise to research and learn sooner rather than later.
AI will continue to amaze us with new tools, particularly open-source AI, which is closing the gap with large corporations. It took only a year for open-source AI to reach where OpenAI was a year ago. Open-source AI is now comparable to ChatGPT 3.5 and may match or exceed ChatGPT 4 turbo within a year. Although OpenAI is likely to release ChatGPT 5 by then, this gap is narrowing.
As tensions escalate towards WW3, due to some shortsighted leaders, we’ll see AI increasingly integrated into defence and possibly attack systems. So, while Bitcoin might make us wealthy, the impacts of war and climate change will overshadow this, as wealth becomes meaningless if we cannot enjoy it.

To end on a hopeful note: Nothing in life is fixed or predetermined. Our actions have the power to transform ourselves and those around us. By acting independently yet collaboratively, we can make a collective impact without even realising it. Our path forward is clear: continue learning, keep bettering ourselves, support others in their growth, uplift one another, and always strive to give more than we receive. While we may not have the power to stop wars, one critical issue we must address in 2024 is femicide. This alarming reality cannot continue. It seems challenging to conclude on an upbeat note, indicating there’s much work to be done before achieving true happiness.

Maybe for now, we can learn from our dogs and find happiness in the simple things in life.